Dee Dee and Winston

Approximate due date is  5/31/2018

Accepting deposits


We have one female available from this litter.




Winston is a big beautiful red golden retriever.   His grandfather

Harley had a very long life and life till 16 years of age.





Dee Dee


Dee Dee



Ivory and Quincy

DOB  5/14/18

6 Boys and 2 Girls

ACCEPTING DEPOSITS  Pup pick out day is June 11th.

  Pups go home on July 9th. 

We have 2 boys available from the litter.

Male pup available and has a red and black star wars collar on him.
Male pup available with a red and black star wars collar








Boy available and he has a red, blue and yellow striped collar.
This boy is available and he has a red blue and yellow striped collar on.



Quincy has a big teddy bear  personality.

He is also a big love bug.

Quincy and Ivory pups. Photo taken on 5-17-18


Ivory and her pups.  Photos taken on 5/17/18



Lola and Bentley

DOB– 5/11/18

3 Boys and 4 girls


We have one boy available from this litter.


Lola boy available


ACCEPTING DEPOSITS  Pup pick out  day is June 8th —Pups go home on July 6th

Lola weighs 75 lbs.  She has a very kind and loveable personality.


Lola with her pups



Bentley weigh 90 lbs.  and is almost 11 years old.