About Us

Brags  for testimonal page  emmieWe are a small family breeder, we do not think of ourselves as a kennel. We are entrepreneurs that specialize in quality Golden Retrievers! We are located in beautiful New England; in Hampden, Maine. We like to consider ourselves collectors, if you will!
We breed both British Cream and American Standard Golden Retrievers. Our British Cream (aka Euro Cream) retrievers are almost pure white, with some light shades of tan. The American Standard Golden’s are shades of browns, reds, and tan colors.

We work with only Golden’s of the highest quality with very high standards. We do invite you to compare, and ask any questions you may have as well. Our Golden Retrievers are happy, healthy, obedient animals of only the highest quality!  Our program concentrates on the traits of the family dog first; health, trustworthiness, gentleness, loyalty, beauty and longevity. Then, we incorporate the correct and proven genetics, imported and genetic lines that are proven through generations, not by just a few individuals, to pass on the history of the breed to their offspring.  Show champions along with champions of the field events.  These bloodlines are gathered from around the world!  We utilize Eastern and Western European lines such as, Polish, British, English, Hungarian, Swedish, English, French and Russian gene pools in our imported Golden Retrievers.  This results is an European bred Golden Retriever that is very beautiful, strong, athletic and extraordinarily capable and willing to please.  These are wonderful animals with the history of the breed embedded in their very soul.  They come from genetic lines that formed the foundation of the Golden Retriever breed!  They are truly loving dogs that live to be loved, and will be a pleasure for you to work with.

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Our Golden Retrievers are bred with a goal in mind; to improve the breed and improve your life!

m1 c1 ENZO AND BENTLEY  PUPPY   DOB  2 2 2014 SADIE  a daughter of Mercedes and Bentley

Each time a litter is born we are excited to see the unique blending of genetics that emerge.  A melding pool of the genetics gathered from International champions from across the globe. Animals that truly live up to the ancestry of the champions of the past,  history coming forward to the present.  This is seen in our Golden Retriever puppies.  Representing their heirs in history and in nobility.  The past now becomes the present and future for the Golden Retriever breed. We are proud to be part of this process and would like you to visit our other pages to see more details about our people friendly Golden Retrievers that anyone can handle with ease.  We ask you to take the time to study the pedigrees and individual qualities of our Golden Retrievers, Judge them as individuals and then as a group.  You will see why we are proud of what we do. We are proud of what we offer to the quality of the breed and to our clients.  I invite you to join us in the quest.

You may just find your new best friend!

Health and well being of our Golden Retrievers

As breeders of Golden Retriever, all of our sire and dam’s are screened for inheritable diseases prior to breeding. Therefore, our dogs have health golden retrievers clearances such as hip x-rays, eye examinations/CERF and Cardiac clearances are performed on our breeding stock. Temperament and longevity are also very important to us.  We screen our imported and domestic breeding stock for any history in the pedigree for cancer before we purchase our Goldens for our breeding program.  All of our puppies go to the veterinary and are wormed before going home with their new owners.  All of our puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration.


Buyers who are looking to purchase a Goldenridge puppy should have enough time, room, and a stable home for the puppy to grow in. The puppy must live in the home with you.

We have a testimonial page and we love hearing how the puppies are doing and enjoy pictures, telephone calls and emails from our buyers.

We have several veterinary references and many references from families who have purchased a puppy from us over the years.

When you purchase a pup from Goldenridge Kennels we are here for you after your purchase if there are questions you need assistance in answering.
All pups go to veterinary at six weeks of age for a physical , shots and worming. Our pups are raised in our home.  All of our puppies come with a ‘’HEALTH GUARANTEE’’ which is in accordance with the State Of Maine-Chapter 745 — Sale of Dogs and Cats laws.

We have longevity in all of our lines.  Our oldest family member was Harley, lived to be 16 years young.

We are Corporate Sponsors of DEEMI / Search & Rescue which is located in Maine.
Dr. Bowie from DEEMI / search and rescue has also purchased one of our pups.