We have a Memorial Day sale on the pups

which are the following litters

CALL 207 951 0969

1.        Belle and Quincy

DOB 3/8/23

3 Boys and 4 Girls


Pick up is 5/5/23

2.       Christy and Duncan

DOB 3/13/23

6 Boys and 7 Girls

Pick out 4/10/23

Pick up is 5/8/23–Girls available. red, light blue, pink green collar and pink black white dotted collar ——boys available blue red yellow stripes, black white bones/paws, gray with pups and blue plaid collar

3.   Veena and Quincy 

DOB 3/13/23

5 Boy and 2 Girls 

Pick out 4/12/23

Pick up 5/9/23

GIRLS SOLD OUT —Boys available blue plaid, orange and blue collar

4.       Oni and Victor

DOB 4/14/23

2 Boys and 8 GirlsGIRLS AVAILABLE – Tan and pink, black white bones paws, yellow black stripes, blue red white stripes, black, red with white paws/bones and purple pink green collar ———–ONE BOY AVAILABLE with orange collar

Pick out 4/14/23

Pick up 5/13/23

5.        Lyla and Newton

DOB 3/19/23

4 Boys and 5 Girls—-—-GIRLS AVAILABLE Hot pink, zebra print black/white, light pink , grey with dogs and grey collar———-BOYS AVAILABLE ——–orange , black and red collar

Pick out 4/20/23

Pick up 5/14/23

6.        Maggie and Spencer

DOB 3/20/23

4 Boys and 3 Girls—–BOYS AVAILABLE –American Flagg, blue, navy white bones/paws and blue plaid ——–ONE GIRL AVAILABLE –Grey with dogs collar

Pick out 4/18/23

Pick up 5/15/23

7. Thelma and Remington 

DOB. 3/31/23

5 Boys and 5 girls–BOYS ALL SOLD ——–GIRLS AVAILABLE —-Dark green collar, red with white lines, black and orange collar

Pick out 4/28/23

Pick up 5/16/23  

Thelma/Remington–PRICE REDUCED—————-best way to reach me on this litter is a phone call 207 – 951-0969–Call and reserve a pup today!

DOB 3/31/23

5 Boys 5 Girls

Pick out 4/28

Pick Up Date 5/26

3 Thelma Remington Girls Available photos Taken 5/21

Green Collar

Red with White and Pink Lines

Black Collar

5 Thelma/ Remington Girls

Light Blue Collar

Dark Green Collar

Red with white pink lines Collar

Black Collar

Orange Collar

5 Thelma/Remington Boys

American Flag Collar

Yellow Fishing Buddy Collar

Black and Grey Collar

Pink Collar

Blue Plaid Collar

Retired Dogs-

Here are a few of our upcoming retired dogs.
They will be updated on vaccine and Spayed before leaving for their forever homes

Call 207-951-0969 if interested

  1. Ruby DOB: 6/19/18

2. Tasha: DOB:12/8/18

3. Francine DOB: 9/25/19

4. Joelle DOB: 7/1/18

Maggie and Spencer————–PRICE REDUCED—————best way to reach me on this litter is a phone call 207 – 951-0969–Call and reserve a pup today!

DOB: 3/20/23

4 Boys 2 Girls

Pick out April 17th

Pick Up May 15th

Boys and girls available from this litter call 207-951-0969

1 Maggie/Spencer Girl

Grey with dogs

4 Maggie/Spencer Boys

American Flag

Blue Collar

Navy With White bones and Paws

Blue Plaid

2 Girls Maggie/Spencer

  1. Burgundy plaid collar

2. Grey with dogs collar

4 Boys Maggie/Spencer

  1. American Flag Collar

2. Blue Collar

3. Navy with White Bones and Paws

4. Blue Plaid Collar

Veena Quincy litter————–PRICE REDUCED——–Just about potty trained

——best way to reach me on this litter is a phone call 207 – 951-0969–Call and reserve a pup today!

DOB — March 13, 2023-

five boys and two girls

Puppy pick out April 12

puppy pick up May 9

Call —–207-951-0969

We have pups available from this litter both boys and girls


Pick up Date: May 9th

3 Boys Available Veena/Quincy

Sage Green

Black with white paws and bones

Gray with Dogs

old pictures



  1. Tan Collar

2. Pink

5 Boys Veena/Quincy

  1. Black Collar

2. Blue Plaid Collar

3. Orange Collar

4. Blue Collar

5. Green Collar

Christy Duncan litter——————–PRICE REDUCED—-just about potty trained———best way to reach me on this litter is a phone call 207 – 951-0969–Call and reserve a pup today!

DOB March 13, 2023

six boys seven girls

Pick out is April 10

pick up is May 8

Boys and girls available from this litter call 207-951-0969

Christy/ Duncan Girls Updated 6/3

Pink with pink + white dots

Light Blue

Lime green Collar

Green with white dots Collar

Pink Hearts

Old picture

Christy/ Duncan Boys Photos Updated 6/3

Blue red yellow stripe

Black White Bones with Paws

Gray with pups

Blue Plaid

2. Light Blue Collar

3.Pink Collar

4. Light Purple Collar

5. Black Collar

6. Pink With Black White Dots Collar

7. Multi Colored Collar

6 Christy/ Duncan Boys

  1. Blue Red Yellow Stripe Collar

2. Black with White Bones + Paws Collar

3. Dark Blue Collar

4. Grey With Puppies Collar

5. Grey Collar

6. Blue Plaid Boots Collar

Price reduction on pups ready to go now. $2500.00 and tax 5.5%

 We have had a lot of large, large litters. Therefore, we are temporarily reducing the price on the puppies that are ready to go now.

Call 207-951-0969 to reserve yours today with a deposit on a credit card of $500.00

Puppies are ready to go now, and the vaccinations are done for one year and they are just about potty trained

Pups available NOW– litters below


                 1-) Mandy and Spencer litter


5 Girls

fish Yellow collar
Black pink
Zebra black white

2-) Lexie and Duncan litter

1 girl — green white dotted collar

3-) Cleo and Remington litter

4-) Gina and Ceasar litter

Black collar with bones
Red collar
Red green collar
Dark green

4- Boys
Red gray collar
Dark blue
Light blue collar
Teal collar

5-) Ruby and Spencer litter


Light Blue

Black collar
Dark green collar