Tia and Romeo

Litter Date of birth. 10/7/2019

Pup pick out day is scheduled for November 4th–a Monday

Pup pick up day is scheduled for December 2nd– a Monday

Photo taken on November 11
Black and tan stripe Collar female now sold
Black and tan stripe collar Female Now sold
Blue collar female This puppy is available
Female with a blue collarThis puppy is available

Blue and white striped Collar a male This puppy is available
Blue and white striped Collar a maleThis puppy is available This puppy is available
Food To pick up for the puppies
Photo taken on November 2, 2019 and we have puppies available
Photo taken on October 30th

Here are the three girls and we have two girls available
Here are the four boys and we have two boys available
Four boys and three girls photo taken October 7
Four boys and three girls photo taken in October 7, 2019

Tia had four boys and three girls

Accepting deposits



Whitney and Spencer

DOB — 9-28-19

She had five girls and four boys

Below are more recent puppies photos which were taken on November 3

We have two girls available from this litter one has a two tone blue collar on her and the other one has a wide collar on which is light pink

We have three boys available

one has a red collar on him one has a purple and one has a blue

The one with the red collar on him has been sold

Girl pink collar
Girl pink collar
Boy red collar has been sold
Boy red collar has been sold
Boy pup purple collar
Male pup blue collar

Blue collar male
Female pup two tone blue collar

Female pup two tone blue collar
blue collar Boy

blue collar Boy

Boy pup Red collar

Boy pup Red collar

Girl pup 2 toned blue collar

2-toned blue collar——girl

Girl——wide light pink collar

Girl—-wide collar—light pink

We have puppies available from this litter

Pick out day is October 30 a Wednesday

Pick up day is November 23 a Saturday

The two lighter puppies are the Whitney puppies photo taken October 18

The dark puppy is the Onyx Puppy a boy and he is sold

Whitney had a large litter so Onyx is helping out feeding two puppies for her
Photo taken October 18th
We have PUPS available

Accepting deposits



Faith and Romeo

Girl above available orange and black collar
Boy available blue pink and green collar
Photo taken on October 18 and we have puppies available
We have PUPS available from this litter and this photo was taken October 7, 2019
Photo taken October 7, 2019
Photo taken October 7, 2019

Our service dogs

August 16, 2019

Ainsley Pearl Deschenes

Hey all! Just wanted to post cuz it’s been awhile! Diesel (Winta x Romeo 4/23/16) and I have been busy but doing great! We graduated back in May and have since then started a new full time career in my field of study. In a couple of weeks we’re also going to grad school part time so I can work on getting my master’s! I cannot praise Goldenridge enough and Roxanne and Les for all the work they put in to breeding such fine dogs. I don’t know where I’d be right now without my service dog but it definitely wouldn’t be as good as my life is now. I couldnt possibly any happier than I am now working and living life with my canine partner❤🐶❤🐶