Gigi and Spencer Litter

Puppies were born on August 11, 2022

6 boys and four girls

We have boys and girls available

Puppies are ready on October 6, 2022Puppies are ready on October 6, 2022

Below are six boys

Photos taken on September 20 2022

Gigi and Spencer Litter ready to go October 6, 2022

Six boys

1-Light blue
2-Red black checked with red trim
3-Dark blue
4-Dark green
5-Red color white flowers
6- Cross collar 

Gigi and Spencer girl puppies


1- Red and black collar
2- Green collar
3-Black collar
4-Pink collar

Callie And Cesar litter

Date of birth — August 10, 2022

She had two boys and -0- girls

Boys available call 207-951-0969

Puppies are vet checked and ready to go home on October 4, 2022

Fat orange collar boy below and he is available

Skinny orange collar

This boy is available below

Bailey and Victor litter

Puppies were born on August 5, 2022

Five boys and four girls

Puppies go home on September 30, 2022

Accepting deposits on this litter for boys and girls call 207-951-0969

Five boys below

Bailey Victor litter

1-orange black 🦴 bones
2-lime green
3-black collar white bones
4-American flag

Girls – below

1-pink green blue
3-pink blue green white dog paws

Whitney and Spencer litter born on August 4, 2022-

Grandfather lived to be 16

She had seven boys and three girls

Puppies go home on 9-29-2022

7 boys

2-Blue white black stripes
3-Red pink white
4-Light blue
6-Dark green
7-Dark blue

Burgundy collar

Blue white black striped collar

Red pink white
Light blue


dark green

dark blue-

Girls below


2-Pink and white dotted collar

Emma and Quincy litter-

Date of birth July 29, 2022

Puppies from this litter go home September 23, 2022

Male puppy available below has a green collar on with skulls

Photo-taken September 8, 2022

Three girls available

1-Multicolored pink collar

2- Blackcollar girl

3- Neon green

One boy available — Photo below of boy — photo taken September 8, 2022

He has a green collar on with skulls on it

We have three girls available from this litter


2-Neon yellow collar

3-Multicolor pink collarMulticolor pink collar

Rosie and Leo

dob 8/20/22

Two boys and three girls

Puppies go home October 15, 2022

sold – Green blue white polkadotted Collar

Orange collar girl puppy available below

Purple collar girl puppy below available

Blue collar male puppy available below

Red and gray collar male puppy below sold-

Boy below with the blue collar on-available

Girl puppy with purple collar on it-available

Girl puppy with orange collar and she is available

Tilly and Quincy litter

Tilly and Quincy litter-

dob – 8-1-22

Tilly and Quincy litter

grandfather lived to be 16 yrs old

Dob 8-1-22

7 boys (6 boys avail. -the one with the dark green collar is sold)  and 4 girls –all available

Pups go home 9-26-22

1-Red green white
2-Pink green blue
4-Burgundy with diamonds
5-Royal blue


1-pink green blue
3-pink blue green white dog paws

4- smiley face

black collar-boy

Dark green collar- boy

Maroon with diamonds- boy


green red – male


Pink – purple- green – blue

girl- red collar

green-blue-white dotted

Pink -girl

Smiley face —girl