Gina and Ceasar Litter—

puppies were born on December 3, 2022

6 boys and 4 girls

pick up day is January 2, 2023

pick up day is January 28, 2023

Please note in the individual photos the puppies are darker than what they appear, and they appear this way because they are learning how to eat milk and mixed up food, and as you can see, they are wearing quite a bit of it on their face .

we have boys and girls available from this litter

call 207-951-0969 to reserve yours today

Girl -aqua green pink yellow collar

White collar orange purple pink dots -girl

Red green collar-girl

Pink with pink dots – girl

Black collar- boy

Red collar- boy

Black and yellow smiley face collar boy

Black Collar white dots. Boy

Light blue collar boy

Light green collar boy .

Photos taken on January 17, 2023 👇 below

girls below

aqua green pink yellow collar

White collar orange purple pink dots- girl below

Red green collar girl below

Black collar with 🍖 bones – paws below-girls below

Boys below

black collar below

red collar boy below

Black yellow smiley face 😊 boy below

Black white dots -collar – boy

Light blue collar- boy

Blue collar -boy below