Darci and Remington litter

DOB 11-8-22

5 Boys

4 Girls

Puppy pick up on January 3rd

All puppies will be seen by a veterinarian for physical exam and vaccines

puppies are also worm that three different times before they leave our home

As of 12-31-22
We have boys and girls available from this litter

2 Darci Remington Girls Available Now Picture updated 1/18

  1. Light Purple Collar

2. Dark Purple Collar

3 Darci Remington Boys Available Now Pictures Updated 1/18

  1. Dark Blue Collar

2. Yellow Collar

3. Green Collar

we have two girls available from this litter currently

1-light purple collar girl below

2-dark purple collar female below available

below are the three boys that are available now

1-dark blue collar

2-yellow collar boy below available

3-green collar male available

Here is some photos of all three boys taken together December 31-2022

grandfather Lived to be 16 yrs young

call 207-951-0969 to reserve your puppy today

Four girls below


2-black and white zebra

3-light purple

4-dark purple

five boys below


2-light blue

3-dark blue