Piper And spencer Litter

Accepting deposits on this litter

4 girls available Below

Photos taken on September 8, 2022

1-Striped tan black and white collar

2-Blue collar girl

3- Farmall tractor girl

4- Blackcollargirl – sold

5- Red pink and white Collar girl

Below are the colors of the Collars of the 5 girls—GIRLS ARE AVAILABLE

1-Red pink white collar
2-Tan and black striped Collar
3-Black collar
4- Navy blue collar
5-Farm all tractor


Click on the link below and you will see photos of the boys—All boys are SOLD


Below are the colors of the colors of the boys

1-Red pink white collar´┐╝
2-Light blue collar´┐╝
3-Black and white collar
4-Green Collar
5-Cross collar
6-black Collar

Click on the below link

these photos were taken August 10 of 2022

We have boys and girls available


Born on July 15, 2022 and she had six boys and five girls

Below are photos of the puppies from this litter