Here is one of our dogs working in the school system as a therapy dog.

He is gorgeous and what a great personality! Thank you Roxanne- he is perfect.
Puppy from the Opal Remington Litter

Below is what the customer had to say about the

Opal Remington pup above

He is doing great, Roxanne! Our GSD (Cassie) is guiding him gently – she likes him and he likes her. Heis a spitfire! He took a short walk on a leash yesterday and this morning – he walks right along side us. And he is going outside (thanks for the sawdust!) in the back yard. He is free feeding, drinking, and loves his crate – slept 4 hours, went out to pee/poop, and slept 4 more hours. Woot! Right now he is sleeping – he wore himself out in the back yard playing with Cassie! PS – Your employee Ricky is very professional, clearly knows dogs, and, well, he is a delight. You have great employees!

Forgot to say- he has great off lead recall at 8 weeks! We took turns calling him back and forth across the back yard and made a big stink out of it when he came- amazingly smart and people oriented pup- we are just SO impressed with his personality- you clearly do a bunch of socialization work with the pups/ you’re good, Roxanne! Freakin great breeder!

Another happy camper below from March 2022

March 2022

Hi Roxanne, it was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday. Thanks so much for the tour of your property and kennels. It was such a treat to see all of your gorgeous dogs!! We are absolutely in love with our puppy, Rosie!! My goldens are split on their feelings for her. The younger one is smitten but giving her some space and the older one is on a hunger strike 😂 Also, thanks for the sawdust. She’s doing really well so far with the house breaking and the sawdust is a game changer, she goes as soon as she is in the area with the saw dust!! Thanks again, Donna and Dave