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We have pups ready to go home between now from the below 3 litters 

From the Tilly Quincy litter

we have 2 girls available

potty trained and all vaccinated

Darci and Remington litter

Louise and Duncan litter 

Pups available – litters below

Will have pups going home between  January and July—accepting deposits on all

Call 207  951  0969



Pups available on litters below both boys and girls

Darci and Remington litter

Dob   11-8

5 boys and  4 girls

Pick out   12/6

Pick up 1/3

Loise and Duncan litter

Dob  11-10

6 boys and  3 girls

Pick out  12/8

Pick up 1/5

Dublin and Victor litter

Dob 11-22

4 boys and 5 girls

Pick out

Pick up

Mandy and Spencer litter

Dob 11/25

3 boys

5 girls

Pick out 12/23

Pick up 1/20

Tasher and Quincy litter

Dob 11/26

4 boys and 3 girls

Pick out

Pick up

Lexie and Duncan litter

Dob 11/27

4 boys and 3 girls

Pick out

Pick up

Gina and Ceasar litter

Dob 12/3

6 boys and 4 girl

Pick out

Pick up

Dora and Duncan litter

Dob 12/4

3 boys and 5 girls

Pick out

Pick up

Ruby and Spencer litter

Dob 12/5

5 boys and 2 girls

Pick out

Pick up

We are dog lovers and entrepreneurs that specialize in quality Golden Retriever puppies. We are located in beautiful New England; in Hampden, Maine. We like to consider ourselves collectors, if you will!

We breed both British Cream and American Standard Golden Retrievers. Our British Cream (aka Euro Cream) retrievers are almost pure white, with some light shades of tan. The American Standard Golden’s are shades of browns, reds, and tan colors.
We work with only Golden’s of the highest quality with very high standards. We do invite you to compare, and ask any questions you may have as well.

Our Golden Retrievers are happy, healthy, obedient animals of only the highest quality!  Our program concentrates on the traits of the family dog first; health, trustworthiness, gentleness, loyalty, beauty and longevity. Then, we incorporate the correct and proven genetics, imported and genetic lines that are proven through generations, not by just a few individuals, to pass on the history of the breed to their offspring.  Show champions along with champions of the field events.

These bloodlines are gathered from around the world!  We utilize Eastern and Western European lines such as, Polish, British, English, Hungarian, Swedish, English, French and Russian gene pools in our imported Golden Retrievers.  This results is an European bred Golden Retriever that is very beautiful, strong, athletic and extraordinarily capable and willing to please.

These are wonderful animals with the history of the breed embedded in their very soul.  They come from genetic lines that formed the foundation of the Golden Retriever breed!  They are truly loving dogs that live to be loved, and will be a pleasure for you to work with.

Over the years, we have developed many friendships with happy owners and quite a following on Facebook. You will find lots of pictures of Goldens to enjoy, and important questions and discussions about food, health, play, and events.

Please visit us on facebook at:


Get a Pup

We are accepting deposits now for pups which will go home between January and September .  Many photos of litters are on the facebook group page which you join by the website.  Click on the facebook symbol and I’ll add you to the group.

How to get your own Goldenridge pup

Do you want a Goldenridge puppy?

First is to talk with us.  Please call us.

(207) 862-5078 or (207) 951-0969

If you wish to proceed, you will then need to fill out our

puppy application form.

We will need to know more about you, your requirements, and your puppy’s new home.

Terms and Conditions:

The all puppies are sold with AKC limited registration papers and with a spay and or neuter contract. Once we receive the spay and neuter Certificate from you or your veterinary, we will then mail you your AKC paperwork.

Each pup will have their first set of vaccines, wormed before they leave our home  and a physical by the veterinarian.

Everyone whom purchasing a pup from Goldenridge Kennels will receive a copy of Chapter  745 ‘’Sale of Dogs and Cats’’, which is from the State of Maine / Department of Agriculture. Our puppies are guaranteed in accordance to the above mentioned Chapter 745. Sub-section 4155 of the Maine State Law of the Sale of Cats and Dogs.

To hold a puppy for purchase a $500.00 deposit is required for the American Reds and blend puppies.  A $500.00 dollar deposit for the Full Euro Crème Puppies. All deposits for puppies and retired dogs are non-refundable – No Exceptions to include health issues or change of employment.  The deposit can be paid in the form of visa, master card or check payable to Roxanne Ellsworth.

The balance is due when you pick out your puppy. There is also a 5.5% state of Maine sales tax due on your puppy when you pick out your puppy.


Please note:

If a situation comes up for you (for example-health issues or job loss)  or us or our female dog (for example a false pregnancy or dog does not cover – split heat or silent heat.   Some dogs which get bred don‘t always cover) then your deposit will not be refunded but will be applied to the next upcoming litter or another litter of your liking within the next 2 years.  You d o not loss your deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.  There are no exceptions.   Estimated heat cycles of a female (meaning if the female comes into heat 6 months from her last cycle) can come into heat anywhere between 4-9 months after their last cycle and this is considered a “normal heat cycle” – a cover doesn’t always guarantee a breeding/pregnancy.  Meaning if a d og gets bred they may not get pregnant.  Also, a dog can get bred and have a split heat and therefore produce no pups.  The female usually comes back into heat a few months later.  While the pups are in our care for 8 weeks we will make all medical decisions for the pups in conjunction with our veterinary regardless if the pups have a deposit on them only or are paid in full.  Veterinary treatment if needed with be provided for the best interest of all pups..

Click here for our puppy application form

New Litters


Contact us if you are interested in a Golden Retriever

We are accepting deposits now for pups which will go home for summer and fall litters

Roxanne and Leslie Ellsworth

1381 Kennebec Road

Hampden, Maine 04444

Phone: (207) 862-5078

Cell: (207) 951-0969

eMail goldensofmaine@gmail.com